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Restore Freedom in New Mexico

Democrats don't want you to be free, they want you to be dependent. We believe in individual responsibility and liberty, meaning that we trust New Mexicans to make the best decisions for themselves and their family. Instead of expanding the government, we aim to expand the reach of freedom to every New Mexican. 

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Promote the American Dream

American Dream

Democrats have killed the American Dream. New Mexico has one of the worst economies, skyrocketing violent crime rates, crumbling infrastructure, a dead last education system, poor child wellbeing, and the list goes on and on. We know that New Mexico is home to some of the most hardworking people in the country, but government has been in the way of opportunity. 

Our plan to reignite the American Dream in New Mexico

Shrink the size of government and put more power in the hands of New Mexicans

Create an environment where families can thrive, businesses can flourish, and hard work pays off

End the Attack on the Second Amendment


Safeguard our Rights


The Second Amendment is clear, "shall not be infringed." It's the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms so they may protect themselves, their property, and their family. Democrats would rather punish those who follow the law than those who break it. We will always protect your Second Amendment rights.

Our plan to protect your right to bear arms

Punish those who abuse gun ownership or harm others, and enhance penalties for crime committed with a firearm

Stand firm against any proposed legislation that aims to limit gun ownership of law-abiding citizens

Reduce the Size of Government


Give the Power Back to the People

Reduce Size of Govt

Government was never meant to rule our everyday lives. As Republicans, we believe in the power of the individual, not politicians or bureaucrats. We have to demand the government stick to their role, to protect our communities, to maintain and strengthen our infrastructure, to enforce common sense laws, and to create a free society. 

Our plan to reduce the size of government

Dissolve pointless boards and commissions who make important decisions while disregarding the legislative process 

Give more power to local authorities including city governments and school boards

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