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Prioritize Our Children

Our children are being left behind. We are dead last in education, our Children, Youth, and Families Department continually fails our most vulnerable kids, and parental rights are stripped by Democrats on a daily basis, putting a child's education and healthcare decisions in the hands of Santa Fe. 

House Republicans believe that our children are our future and must be a priority. Their success is the only way to a better path forward. It's time to put them first. 

Protect Children


Reform our Broken CYFD

Reform CYFD

Combat Inflation


Lower the Cost of Living

New Mexico's children are suffering at the hands of our Children, Youth and Family Department. From preventable tragedies to a reunification policy that, in many cases, puts kids in dangerous situations, CYFD has become an unchecked bureaucratic failure. It's time for a complete overhaul and restructuring of CYFD to protect children and ensure our most vulnerable population is protected from harmful environments.


New Mexico's national ranking for child wellbeing


Number of children in 2023 who died from abuse and neglect


Total pending CYFD investigations as of May 2024

Superfluous Santa Fe loves to spend your money, which increases everyday costs like gas, groceries, and other daily living expenses. After years and years of hurtful inflation, Democrats still do not have a plan to provide relief to New Mexicans. We can no longer afford Democrat policies, but you will continue paying the price for their reckless spending habits.

Our plan to protect New Mexico's children and reform CYFD

Amend the confidentiality clause and create an independent authority, outside of CYFD, with the ability to hold the department accountable

Require supportive services as a condition to reunification

Give Students


Parents Options in Education

School Choice

Our education system is putting students at major disadvantages early on. Our public schools are failing and students are left with inadequate learning opportunities and a bleak future. The alternative to this is real school choice, where tax dollars follow students with parents in the driver's seat. School choice means freedom to choose a school that best fits the needs and learning style of each student. 


Percentage of NM students who are proficient in reading


Percentage of NM students who are proficient in math


New Mexico's national education ranking

Our plan to improve education

Pass real school choice in New Mexico, giving students and parents the power to choose what school best fits their needs, freeing families from failing school districts

Improve skills used in everyday life like financial literacy and invest in trade programs taught in high school, giving students opportunities to succeed if college is not an interest/option



Protect Parental Rights

Parental Rights

Parental rights are under attack by New Mexico Democrats. Santa Fe is attempting to replace parents in order to make education and healthcare choices for their children, without parent's consent. We have to let parents decide what's best for their kids and tell Santa Fe to stay out of the household. 

Ban gender alteration surgeries and hormones for minors

End Santa Fe's stronghold on, what should be, parental rights in education and healthcare by allowing parents the final say in what their child learns and any health-related concern that may come up in a public school

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