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New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, has abundant natural resources, eye-catching landscapes, rich culture, and some of the country's best cuisine. New Mexico Democrats have wasted its beauty and potential by losing focus on our strengths and creating a nationwide image of the 'last place' state. 

No more. New Mexico House Republicans are committed to unleashing our state's industries including oil and gas, farming and ranching, mining, tourism, and logging. Cutting taxes for working-class families, eliminating Gross Receipts Tax for our businesses, and cutting burdensome regulations are the center of House Republicans' plan to break the status quo and move New Mexico from worst to first.

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Combat Inflation


Lower the Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Superfluous Santa Fe loves to spend your money, which increases everyday costs like gas, groceries, and other daily living expenses. After years and years of hurtful inflation, Democrats still do not have a plan to provide relief to New Mexicans. We can no longer afford Democrat policies, but you will continue paying the price for their reckless spending habits.


Cumulative Inflation Increase in New Mexico Since Jan. 2021 


Average Amount New Mexicans Spend on Groceries/Week


Total Increase in NM State Government Spending Since 2018

Our plan to relieve New Mexicans from skyrocketing costs

End wasteful government spending that drives up everyday costs

Create good-paying jobs and put more money back into the pockets of New Mexicans by lowering taxes for middle-class families and cutting senseless regulations

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Unleash Oil & Gas

Reduce Energy Prices

New Mexico Energy

Instead of celebrating New Mexico as an oil and gas juggernaut, New Mexico Democrats have villainized the industry, placing more and more senseless regulations on our producers who create the cleanest product anywhere in the world. We should be proud of our contribution to the American economy and the Global economy. It's who we are.

It's no secret that New Mexico, the second largest producer of oil and natural gas in the country, relies on the industry for almost half of its state budget. Oil and gas production fuels our homes and cars, provides almost one billion dollars to our schools, creates hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, and funds critical infrastructure projects around the state, including repairs and development of our roads and highways. 


Increase in Monthly Electricity Costs to New Mexicans Since 2018

$13.9 Billion

2023 State Revenue from Oil and Gas


Increase in Gas Prices at the Pump for New Mexicans Since 2018

Our plan to lower gas prices and unleash our #1 industry

Reduce bureaucratic red tape for our oil and gas industry and encourage more permits for new drilling, lowering the cost to fill up the tank and heat/cool your home

Maximize production of reliable, New Mexico-made energy

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Lower the Tax Burden


Empower Growth

Tax Relief

Instead of using a record-number surplus to provide tax-relief to hardworking New Mexicans, Democrats decided to increase the 2024 state budget by 6.8% from the previous year, to a whopping $10.21 billion in recurring spending. House Republicans fought hard to put more of the surplus back into the pockets of New Mexicans, but were rejected by Democrats and their "take it, spend it" mentality. 


$3.5 Billion

Increase in Taxpayer-Funded Government Spending from Previous Year

Projected Budget Surplus

Our plan to lower taxes and revitalize New Mexico's economy

Lower the Personal Income Tax rate to provide much-needed relief to New Mexicans who continue to struggle by putting more money back into their pockets

Repeal the economy stifling Gross Receipts Tax once-and-for-all and empower businesses by making it easier, not harder, to achieve the American Dream

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