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New Mexico has become one of the most dangerous states in the nation, thanks to Democrat policies that favor violent criminals over law-abiding citizens. Our "catch and release" policies have promulgated a violent crime wave that has ruined our communities.

New Mexico House Republicans are committed to providing commonsense, tough-on-crime policies that punish violent criminals, investing heavily in mental health and rehabilitation services, and restoring respect for law enforcement. 

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Punish Criminals


Protect New Mexicans

Tough on Crime

New Mexico has a crime problem. Democrats have killed tough-on-crime legislation year after year, without a concrete plan to solve our crime epidemic. Our children can no longer safely play in the streets, our communities are overrun with dangerous criminals, and violence has become the status quo in New Mexico.


New Mexico has the second highest violent crime rate among all 50 states


New Mexico's violent crime rate is double that of the national average


New Mexico's national public safety ranking

Our plan to end the crime epidemic and create safe communities for New Mexicans

End pretrial release and put violent criminals behind bars to keep them off the streets while awaiting trial

Harsher penalties for violent crime and longer mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes and repeat offenses

Invest in Mental Health


Rehabilitation Services

Mental Health and Rehab

Fentanyl, #1

Fentanyl is the leading cause of crime and violence in Albuquerque


Percentage of New Mexicans, in 2021, who were diagnosed with a serious mental illness


New Mexico's national ranking for illegal drug use in 2023

Our plan to address drug abuse and mental health in New Mexico

Work with federal agencies to stop the influx of fentanyl and other illegal drugs trafficked at our Southern Border

Require mandatory treatment for criminals with an illegal drug abuse problem or mental illness and invest in our mental health infrastructure



Restore a Culture of Respect for Law Enforcement

Respect Law Enforcement

Reinstate qualified immunity for our law enforcement officers to fix officer shortages

Fund, not defund, our police departments and public safety needs

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